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HD-TVI Turbo HD HDVVI HD-SDI Surveillance Cameras – New Technology for HD Analog Systems
Although we are entering the digital age, technologies for video surveillance systems with analog cameras do not stop from innovation.

In addition to HD-SDI and HD-CVI (Dahua’s home-based technology), today Hikvision and other camera manufacturers announce the emergence of the High Definition Video Interface Transport (HDTV) video surveillance camera standard. Turbo HD HD-TVI technology is based on a traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission. This technology supports not only 720P / 1080P = Full HD resolution on the video cable but also includes audio and data signal over long distances up to 500 meters.

Case Study

At present, there are about 100 million meters of coaxial cables that are used in systems with analog video surveillance cameras. In the next 3-5 years, they will be replaced with HD video surveillance cameras that define HD (high definition). Under these circumstances, some recipients prefer not to reclaim old plants. This group of users preferred the economic solution of replacing analog video cameras and standard digital video cameras with HD video surveillance cameras rather than adopting IP cameras that would require rewiring of cctv systems. In this context, HD-SDI, HD-CVI and HD-TVI Turbo HD security technologies were born.

Advantages of video surveillance systems with HDTVI Turbo HD / HDCVI cameras

Among the current HD video surveillance solutions, transmission distance, compatibility and cost of ownership are always a problem for both manufacturers and installers. In this context, HDTVI Turbo HD technology can provide a more economical, easy to install and use solution for high-definition analog video surveillance. CCTV installation in London by LogicalGate.

HD-TVI Turbo HD can convert digital signal into analog signal to extend transmission distance and lower total cost, reducing overall video storage space. With coaxial cable, the video transmission distance can reach up to 300 ~ 500 meters without obviously losing video quality. In addition, HDTVI Turbo HD / HD-CVI can transmit coaxial quality cable at 75 Ohm analog video with 720p and 1080p at 30fps resolution. It is only necessary to replace analog video surveillance cameras and analogue DVRs with the latest HD-TVI Turbo HD / HDCVI surveillance cameras and DVR Turbo HD HD-TVI Hikvision / HD-CVI Dahua DVRs. Installing HDTVI Turbo HD video surveillance systems Hikvision and HDCVI Dahua at Full HD 1080P resolution of 2 megapixels is much simpler without the need for additional installation knowledge, as is the case with IP surveillance cameras.

– High quality 720p / 1080p high definition analog video signal HD = Full HD
– Transmits video, audio and data via coaxial cable
– No loss of quality and no delays for HD video transmission
– Impressive transmission capacity
– Easy to upgrade the existing analog video surveillance system to HD megapixel video surveillance system

HD-TVI HD-TVI Hikvision Turbo HD / HDCVI Dahua Cameras vs. Analog Video Cameras

Dahua Cameras vs. Analog Video Cameras

The advantage of HD-TVI Turbo HD video surveillance systems Hikvision megapixel compared to analog video surveillance cameras is:

HD resolution of 720p / 1080p full HD at 25/30 fps much higher than D1 or 960H resolution
Long-distance transmission of HD video signal
No loss of video quality and delay for image transmission.

HDTVI Turbo HD Hikvision video surveillance cameras versus HDCVI Dahua

HDTVI Turbo HD Hikvision video surveillance cameras versus HDCVI Dahua

Obviously, HD-TVI Turbo HD Hikvision and HDCVI Dahua have very similar features, both of which can offer high-definition analogue solutions. HDTVI comes from an American company and was implemented by Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of CCTV video surveillance systems under the name of Turbo HD, and HD-CVI from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of video surveillance systems and cameras, Dahua.

HDTVI HDTVI turbo HD video surveillance cameras Hikvision / HDCVI Dahua vs. HD-:

Hikvision HDCVI Dahua vs. HD

In conclusion, compared to HD-SDI, the new HD solution has the following advantages:

– Higher video transmission distance up to 300m using regular coaxial cable
– 200m UTP video transmission distance (Cat5, twisted pair)
– Cheaper price for analog video surveillance system
– Supports installation on twisted-pair cable.

Video Surveillance Cameras HDTVI Turbo HD Hikvision / HDCVI Dahua vs Megapixel Ip Cameras

Video Surveillance Cameras

Thus, compared to the ip megapixel video surveillance cameras, the advantages of HDTVI Turbo HD Hikvision are:

– No bandwidth limitation on the network
– Does not need to configure the ip network – It mounts as easy as analog video surveillance systems
– No loss of video and compression quality
– No video latency issue, real-time live-view
– Great video transmission distance
– More affordable price

By One Seo