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The UK wetroom channel drain system – more essential than you can imagine

Among all the useful systems you can find in a household, there is one that is always overlooked, despite its importance: the wet room drain system, which can be installed in any of the rooms where there is the risk of the water overflowing. And these rooms are, usually and obviously, the kitchen and the bathroom.

It is also pretty obvious why you need a drainage system in these two rooms. What isn’t so obvious is the type of drains that you need and that you want. There are two types of drain systems which can be installed in either of these two rooms: the traditional point drain system (which is, in rather simpler words, the hole in the middle of the floor where the water is collected) and the linear drain system (which is, basically, the narrow profile which collects the water). For the bathroom, there is a third type of wet room drain system, which is the readymade shower floor (basically, it is the floor of the shower room, with traditional point drainage incorporated).

And while there are these choices which can be made, the best one to be made for any of the wet rooms is the linear one. The most obvious reason why you should choose one and call us is that it is rather inconspicuous. Whereas the traditional drain system is, basically, a hole in the ground which can be seen by anybody and which would disturb the aesthetics of the room, the linear drainage is narrow and hard to see because of its location.

The channel drainage (which is another name for the linear drains) can be installed anywhere you want it to be, usually somewhere besides the walls. They are very effective when it comes to the greater volumes of water when installed properly, with the right opening, so the risk of water overflowing on the floor is greatly diminished. Furthermore, the maintenance of the linear drains is much simpler than otherwise, since the impurities will be collected all-along the opening and not in just in a single place.

Choosing this type of system as your wet room drain system would make a whole lot of sense especially if you want to install it yourself. Whereas the traditional drain is more difficult to install because of all the angles of the slopes which need to be calculated (the drain being, usually in the middle of the room), the floor needs just a small inclination on the side where the linear drain will be installed.

It is so easy to install that you can do it yourself, without the help of our professional plumbers. Tips…

Furthermore, these linear drains can also be personalized as much as you want them to. From LED lighting, to different types of grating, to even stylized letters on the gratings, any kind of personalization is possible.

As you can see, there are already quite a few reasons why you should choose a linear drain for your wet rooms when coming to us.

Nonetheless, it all depends on you – whether you want the more modern wet room drain system or the traditional one (which is highly effective in itself), one thing is certain. Getting you drain system from us will be one of the best decisions you can make.