How to make an original & unusual wedding invitation

Our wedding is one of the most beautiful, amazing and emotional experience of our lives.

Finding your perfect “partner in crime” and celebrating your love makes every wedding different, because your love story is unique. So if your love story is special, how do you stand out from the crowd when it comes to your wedding invitations? by Crisia shop

We have some great ideas:

1. Tell your love story through an innovative wedding invitation style. Your wedding invitation can resemble the shape of a plane ticket or a train ticket. It could be a CD or even a smart USB. It could be a puzzle, a lego toy, a passport or a cloth tag. When you choose the style and shape, make sure your wedding invitation is coherent with your wedding theme concept and, of course, your love story.

2. Make your wedding invitation stand out through a unique and original material. We have some ideas for you: bark trees, wood, glass, papyrus, rice paper, metals, rubber, plastic or even consumable goodies such as sweets, cakes, drinks or even cigarettes (though you might not agree with smoking).

3. You can send your wedding invitation through a unique fashion. Most of wedding invitations are offered personally or through email, but there is more than one or two ways to send it. You can send costumed actors to deliver your wedding invitations, you can send it through a fake pizza delivery, or through a (fake or real) postman. Your imagination, creativity and the way you choose to share your love story with the world will clearly show you the best way for delivering your wedding invitation.

Also, you should pay attention to the way your wedding invitation is written. You can write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter to write your invitation using a funny, clear and original text. You could be inspired by your wedding theme (if you choose to have one) or by your most important love moments (for example, the way he proposed or how you two have met).

There are thousands of ways to make your love story and your invitation stand out, if you choose to do so. Of course, the classical, elegant approach works best if you are a more traditional couple or you don’t need extra-creativity on your invites.

This is your beautiful celebration, and you will remember every detail of it for decades to come. So your wedding invitation has to be something you really enjoy and suits your style.